Mr. P goes 35mm in B&W

Not as successful as the previous attempt simply for the number of usable shots. Tried to guess a lot of the distances when focusing which brought down many out of focus photos. The 125ISO film produces a grain that is, in my own opinion, not that pleasant to the eye. Looks a bit like a Sharpen Filter from Photoshop which was applied too many times.

Mixed feelings about this set of photos. Let me know what you think.


3 thoughts on “Mr. P goes 35mm in B&W

  1. Love the barn owl shot! I think it is a good set, they look like something from the past. I have an OM 30 camera which is essentially an OM 10, and you have inspired me to load a roll of Black and white film in it!

    • WoW. Best compliment ever really.

      I struggled a lot shooting B&W. I’m quite comfortable changing color photos into monochrome digitally. Having to think B&W though is a totally different story.
      I also found that “guess-timating” the distance to get some shots did not bode well with film.
      Trial & Error in the end.

      Thank you, once again, for your comment.

  2. Black and white is tricky! I have been told it is all about looking for contrasts and patterns but it is so hard when I am used to thinking in colour. There is something so timeless about B&W photography that makes me keep trying though!

    The manual focus of my OM30 always throws me, at least once or twice a roll I shoot whithout focussing first!!

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